Top 10 Scary Rides

Who doesn’t love an amusement park? There is so much to see and do at these parks and the rides alone make it worthwhile. However, do you like the tame rides that get you laughing and joking around with your friends or are you more into thrill rides? Big rollercoaster’s are a firm favorite for most and it’s not hard to see why. They are gut-wrenching and you can absolutely adore the excitement you feel but which rides are the scariest? What are the top ten scary rides in the world? read more here!


If you are in the UK and near Surrey, you will want to visit Thorpe Park. This is a wonderful amusement park and really it has so many amazing rides to enjoy. One such ride has to be Colossus. It’s one scary ride! You are spinning and spinning and you aren’t going to stop! It’s really one amazing ride and the best thing of all is that even if you don’t like heights, you don’t have to be put off this ride. It’s amazing and very scary all at the same time. If you love rides, this will certainly be one for you.

Kingda Ka

You haven’t seen a rollercoaster yet until you witness the Kingda Ka with your own eyes. This is one of the scariest rides in the world and it really does deserve a lot of attention. The ride reaches a massive four hundred and fifty six feet which is unbelievable! Once you sit on the ride you will find yourself being accelerated by a catapult that essentially launches you – yes you did read that right – and it’s going to reach over one hundred and twenty eight miles within a matter of seconds. Your heart will be racing and even when you get to the top, there is a whole new scare with the spiral drop. You will need a sick bag if you’ve not got a strong stomach.

The Tower Of Terror

Australia is beautiful and in Dreamworld in the Gold Coast you are going to find the amazing Tower of Terror. Now, this is one of the world’s fastest and most popular amusement rides and for good reason. When you see the ride at first you probably will think this is nothing and that you can handle it with grace and poise – think again! This is a thirty eight story tower and once you reach the tower you are going to be sent crashing back to earth at a shattering speed. In all, you’ll scream your lungs out!

The Superman Ride of Steel

For those who love fast rides and enormous heights, the Superman Ride of Steel is the scary ride for you! This is actually pretty scary because it can reach speeds of over seventy seven miles per hour and that’s not all. You reach a massive height of over two hundred and twenty feet and drop from there! It’s certainly gut-check time because you might find you lose your lunch somewhere along the ride! The zero gravity of the two fantastic hills is perfect and there are even the three so-called camel back loops to take! Located in Massachusetts in the US, this Superman Ride of Steel is not for the faint of heart. view more from


If you are heading to Japan, Fuji in particular you must check out the EEJANAIKA! This is one scary ride and not just by how fast it goes! It reaches a massive two hundred and fifty feet in the air and its fast – very fast! When you try this ride out you will be scared and that’s no lie. You might think you have a head for heights but this is totally a new game here and that will make all the difference. You will be able to see Mount Fuji from the very top of the ride but savor it because you’ll be whipped past in an instant!

The Fahrenheit

Pennsylvania really does have some amazing rides and there is nothing scarier than the Fahrenheit! If you have a queasy stomach, this isn’t the ride for you! You take a trip of one hundred and twenty feet up into the air with an almost arch like track and then when you reach the top, you are going to drop down and there are loops and a few rolls thrown into the bargain. However, that isn’t where it all ends, there are so many elements to this ride and it’s one very scary one indeed. You cannot imagine the ride until you physically step on it!


Las Vegas doesn’t do things by half and with this ride, they certainly don’t shy away. Insanity is one scary ride and one that is so unique. You have to go to the top of a tower and once you are there, you are sitting in a seat extended nearly a thousand feet from the ground. That is when the scariness takes another turn; you are going to spin at forty miles per hour and you’re sitting at an awkward angle of seventy degrees! It’s certainly a scary ride.

The Maverick

If you are visiting Ohio’s Cedar Point amusement Park you are going to want to check out the Maverick! This is one heck of a ride and it’s really quite scary too. Rollercoaster lovers are going to love the Maverick and even though this is fairly new being built in 2007, it’s very popular indeed. You’re on the ride for just over two minutes and despite it not being the fastest ride or the highest it certainly packs a punch. The twists of the ride are amazing and there is always a turn that’ll have you screaming!

Magic Mountain

The Magic Mountain ride is truly one of the scariest rides ever! You cannot imagine how scary this is until you try it out for yourself. Users will get a lovely three sixty view as the seats rotate so that’s amazing and very unique to say the least. The rotation really adds to the scare element and there are head first drops so you will scream until your throat can’t anymore! This is truly a ride for those with a strong heart and stomach!

Expedition Geforce

Portrait of young exhausted woman screaming while suffering from headache and cold in kitchen

For those who’re going to visit the Rhineland in Germany, you need to stop off at the Holiday Park Habloch and try the Expedition Geforce! In Europe right now, this is one of the largest so you know it offers something special. It’s a very long track so you aren’t just on and off like some rides, you’re here and you will experience a lot of fantastic moments here. When you’re zooming around at around seventy plus miles per hour you will get that zero gravity feel and it’s like you’re flying through the air with wings – it’s that great! The heights reach over two hundred feet so again you need a head for heights!

The Ride of Your Life

When you try even one of these rides out you might be scarred for life! These are scary and it doesn’t matter how good you are with heights, you will start to feel your stomach turning at the drop ahead! The speeds alone are utterly unheard of and that is what makes these rides so unique and so very scary!